Exercising her way to better health

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Brandi Hoff of Guttenberg is dedicated to her personal wellness journey and greets each new day with a positive attitude and a big smile. (Photo submitted)

By Caroline Rosacker

Making a commitment to take better care of yourself can feel overwhelming, especially for working mothers who often commute to their jobs. 

Brandi Hoff, who works in the imaging department at Regional Medical Center in Manchester, made the decision to regain her health following the birth of her son. 

Brandi and her husband, Steven, reside outside of Guttenberg with their children, Kaden, Jordyn and Everhett. "I really became committed to my health when my youngest child was seven weeks old," she began. "I was playing on the floor with Everhett and tried to get up and realized how out of shape I was."

Brandi was familiar with exercise and had worked out on and off for the past ten years. "I was getting ready to return to work, which I wasn't ready for, and I missed my pre-pregnancy body – like most mothers do," she recalled. "My clothes didn't fit and I just wanted to feel better. I was tired of being tired."

Brandi followed her coach, who was also pregnant, through their gestations online. "I watched her exercise through her pregnancy and regain her figure very quickly. I thought if she could do it so could I," she commented. "I had an online Beachbody membership but wasn’t really using it. I am the type of person that doesn't want to take something on if I can't complete it. I finally felt I was ready to move forward." 

She began with shorter online training session posted by her mentor.  "My coach took four circuits from one of her training session and posted them online. I was able to complete the shorter workouts and gained confidence," she explained.   

Being held accountable by others helps keep Brandi on track. "I have been coaching online for a little over a year. I enjoy helping others and it feels good to be needed. Being a coach helps me stay focused on my own health goals and gets me out of bed each morning!" she added. 

The exercise enthusiast rises each day between 4:30 - 5 a.m. "You would think I'd be tired getting up that early, but I actually have so much more energy," she told The Press. "I have a very busy household – waking up that early gives me a little quiet time to take care of myself. I am doing what I love. That feeling of accomplishment also follows me into the rest of my day."

Making an investment in a home gym has saved time and money. "I started out with a yoga mat and eventually purchased secondhand weights on Facebook. I don't have the luxury of leaving the house for a run, so I invested in a stationary bike to change things up," she explained. "My routine is very efficient. I hop out of bed, throw on my workout clothes and head downstairs. I don't waste time commuting to a health club or wait in line for a machine to become available.  It's all mine." 

Brandi uses a variety of four to eight week – 20 - 30 minute programs to stay fit and healthy. She familiarized herself with the exercise component before she factored in dietary changes. 

"I have always tried to eat healthy. I made sure I nailed the exercise program before I considered dietary changes," she shared. "I was very realistic. I only incorporated changes I knew I could sustain. It's hard – your workout is 30 minutes, but your nutrition is the rest of the day."

She went on to say, "I am no longer losing much weight so the scale remains about the same, but I continue to lose inches."

Brandi's dedication to a healthy lifestyle has created teachable moments for her children. "Honestly, I do usually cook two meals, because I don’t want to eat what they eat, and they don’t want to eat what I do," she explained, "But my daughter, Jordyn asks more often, 'Is this a healthy choice?'"

She added, "I recently learned things are caught not taught. Your family is watching you set an example. There is no need to constantly remind them verbally." 

Brandi created an online group for individuals who are passionate about health and fitness. "My Facebook group gives people a safe space to check-in and see what everyone else is doing, and love on one another. It's a great community. I also have a fun Zoom link where a group of us exercise together," she said with a smile. "Even though we aren't all doing the same thing, I know I have to get out of bed because they are waiting for me. They are from all over – Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio and Minnesota."

If your are interested in jump-starting a healthy lifestyle, or need inspiration to continue your existing routine, Find Brandi Hoff on Instagram and Facebook or e-mail

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