Prairie du Chien track competes in conference meet

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On a very sunny and hot day, the Prairie du Chien girls track and field team was ready to get started in the conference meet in Platteville on June 8. 

There’s a fire starting in my heart as Madi Fisher finished in 4th with a new “PR -13.34” in the 100m and in 8th place in the 200m dash. Reaching a running pitch and it’s bringing me out of the dark as Kori Jaynes finished 8th in the 100m and 10th in the 200m dash. Finally, I can see things crystal clear as Teagan Radloff finished 3rd in the 400m with a new “PR - 1:03.81” and 3rd in the Triple Jump. See how I’ll leave you with every piece of you as Nicole Rickleff fired a new “PR -29’10.50” in the Shot Put for 5th place; and a new “PR -83’3” in the Discus for 7th place. And you played it to the beat as Eowyn Earle picked up 11th place in the 800m run. Throw yourself through every open opportunity as Kate Olson picked up 7th place in the 1600m run.

 I have no story to be told, but I’ve heard one on you and I’m going to make your head turn as Jadyn Jenks hits a huge career “PR -14:10.68” for 6th place in the 3200m run. Count your blessings to find what you are looking for as Lejla Kamberi hurdled out a new “PR-24.61” in the 100 High Hurdles for 10th place and another big “PR - 1”08.58” in the 300 Hurdles for 9th place. She knows that she can fly away and she’s got her head in the clouds as Meg Katzung placed 3rd in the Pole Vault and 3rd in the Long Jump.

 I’m one with the wind and sky as Sadie Torgerson vaulted herself to 6th place in the Pole Vault. I might only have one match, but I can make an explosion as Shayla Straka placed 4th in Triple Jump and 6th in the Long Jump. Cause I still have a lot of fight left in me as Paige Schneider picked up a new “PR - 18.80” in the 100 High Hurdles and 4th place, 5th place in the 300 Hurdles, and 8th place in the High Jump. My power’s turned on starting right now as Clare Teynor picked up 7th in the Shot Put and 11th place in Discus. Sending big waves into motion as Josie Kramer picked up 9th in the Long Jump and Eva Keene picked up 8th in the Discus. There’s a fire burning in my bones. Yeah, I still believe as the 4x100 Relay (Doeseckle, Earle, Rickleff, Teynor) picked up 5th place. The 4x200 relay (Doeseckle, Straka, Torgerson, Jaynes) picked up 5th place. The 4x400 relay (Kramer, Thompson, Katzung, Radloff) picked up 4th place. Finally, the 4x800 relay (Kramer, Straka, Katzung, Thompson) picked up 4th place on the night.

All-Conference Honorable Mentions for girls are: Meg Katzung in Long Jump and Pole Vault and Teagan Radloff in the Triple Jump and 400m run.

The boys also were ready to get started.

 You better run you better do what you can as Kurt Wall picked up 9th in the 100m, 7th in the 200m dash and 5th in the Pole Vault. I took a walk around the world to ease my mind and then Ben Knapp “PR’d” in 100m (15.18) and Shot Put (26’3) on the day. I started with a whisper and then ended with a bang as Ryan Wall picked up 3rd in the Discus and 3rd in the Pole Vault. Ain’t no sound but the sound of my feet as Noah Blackburn hit new “PR’s” in the 200m (28.39) and in the 400m (1:04.83). Are you ready for this, are you hanging on the edge of your seat as Spencer DeHart picked up a big “PR - 5:16.22” in the 1600m run. The show must go on as Jackson Smelzer nailed a “PR - 1:01.07” in the 400m run. How long can you stand the heat as Brogan Brewer picked up 13th in the 200m dash. Are you happy, are you satisfied as Thomas O’Brien continues to pick up more “PR’s” and this time in the Long Jump (15’2”). I’m ready and I’m standing on my own two feet as Max Anthony picked up 8th place, Lucas Kramer picked up 9th place and Bryce Priebe picked up 11th place in the 800m run. I’m ready, yes I’m ready as Lee Steiger picked up 8th place in the 3200m run. The sound of silence can be loud as Jeremiah Avery hammered out a new career “PR - 48.17” on the night in the 300 Hurdles for 7th place. Milk, toast, and honey as Max Schneider picked up a new “PR - 34’0” in the Shot Put for 9th place, 12th place in the Discus, and 11th place in the Long Jump. What’s up as Jayden Johnson picked up 7th in the Shot Put and 11th in the Discus. We are young and we can burn brighter than the sun as the 4x800 relay (Anthony, DeHart, Kramer, Priebe) brought home the bronze tonight. In the 4x100 (Brewer, Wall, O’Brien, Tanner) picked up 5th, the 4x200 (O’Brien, Tanner, Priebe, Schneider) picked up 5th place, and the 4x400 (Smelzer, Tanner, O’Brien, Anthony) picked up 5th place at the end the day.

All-Conference Honorable Mentions for boys are: Ryan Wall in the Discus and Pole Vault and the 4x800m Relay Team of Max Anthony, Lucas Kramer, Spencer DeHart, and Bryce Priebe.

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