Simon offers hypnosis for improved health

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Katey Simon, Certified Consulting Hypnotist, is accepting new clients on Tuesday mornings and Friday afternoons. Her consultation space is located at Divine Current Massage, 508 S. River Park Dr. in Guttenberg. (Press photo by Caroline Rosacker)

By Caroline Rosacker

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness where the subconscious level of the mind is in a state of hyper-suggestibility. Hypnotic suggestion creates a trance-like state in which an individual will experience a heightened level of focus and concentration. Hypnosis is done with the help of a hypnotist who uses verbal repetition and mental images to make the person feel calm, relaxed and more open to suggestions. 

Hypnosis can be used to help gain control over undesired behaviors or assist in anxiety or pain management. It's important to understand that although you're more open to suggestion during hypnosis, you won't lose control over your behavior. 

Katey Simon 

Certified Consulting Hypnotist

Katey Simon, Certified Consulting Hypnotist, is now offering her hypnosis services to people interested in improving their health and well-being. Simon is employed as a paraprofessional at St. Mary's/Immaculate Conception School in Guttenberg, and volunteers as a youth minister at St. Mary's and St. Joseph in Garnavillo, Catholic parishes. 

Simon grew up in Guttenberg and is the daughter of Mike and Donna Simon. Following graduation in 1996, she moved to Clinton and attended the former Mount St. Clare College. The big-hearted, adventuresome young woman embarked on a long journey of service work, helping care for those individuals most marginalized by society. 

Service work

Simon explained, "In 2001 I became involved in the L'Arche community. L'Arche is intentional communities of members with and without intellectual disabilities."

L'Arche was founded in 1964 when Jean Vanier, the son of Canadian Governor General Georges Vanier, welcomed two men with disabilities into his home in Trosly-Breuil, France. Currently, the international organization operates 147 communities in 35 countries on five continents. 

L'Arche communities provide homes where people  can live and work together as peers. The communities create a sense of inclusiveness and strengthen faith and friendships in an effort to transform society through relationships that cross social boundaries.

Simon commented, "I was a member of that community for 15 years. I did a lot of growing up while I was there. I continue to stay connected to the community and try to visit once a month."  

"In addition to sharing life at L"Arche Clinton, I became a personal caregiver for a gentleman who had multiple sclerosis. I cared for him for six years. The experience was a huge blessing and sometimes very difficult," she shared.

Simon relocated her life in order to fulfill a few life goals. "I wanted to live outside the Midwest for one year, live in a big city for a year and do volunteer service work for a year," she shared.

She embarked on her journey and moved to the Phoenix, Ariz., area. "I found a shelter called 'Maggie's Place,' which provides housing and support for homeless pregnant women. It is a Catholic faith-based shelter. The women could stay there during their pregnancy, and remain there up to nine months following the birth of their babies if they desired," she said. 

Simon listed, "There are four Maggie's Place homes in the Phoenix area: The Magdalene House in central Phoenix; The Elizabeth House in Tempe; The Michael House in Glendale and The Hannah House in Mesa."

"I lived at the Elizabeth House for a year and The Hannah House for six months. I served there for 18 months. I then experienced something called 'Compassion Fatigue.' I was tired of taking care of people, wasn't taking good care of myself and didn't know what to do. I didn't know where God wanted me to be."

New beginnings

"I spent a month in New Mexico in a program called After Volunteer Experience sponsored by the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati. The AVE program was developed for women returning from a year or more of volunteer service to help integrate the experience as they explore 'What's next.'" Simon continued, "The home I lived in was called Casa de Caridad or House of Charity. It was a beautiful space to process and reflect. Sister Janet was the program director and met with me weekly. I was also provided spiritual direction, a retreat opportunity, and wonderful support. I started taking better care of myself. Two to three times a week I went with the sisters across the border into Mexico to help in a center for children with special needs. There was still an element of staying in touch with the marginalized; I could remain connected but not at such a strong level." 

Simon made her way back to the Midwest and spent time with her family before hitting the road again. "I took a trip out east to Cedar Point, the roller coaster capital of the world, and visited friends, family and a couple of L'Arche communities. I made my way back to the Midwest again and landed at my parents' house to assist with my father's recuperation following hip surgery," she said with a smile. 

In the fall of 2018, Simon returned to the East Coast and received her hypnosis training through the National Guild of Hypnotists in New Hampshire. 

She commented, "I was trained by Sandra Grace and Paul Ramsey. I had known Sandra for several years as my mentor. I was considering becoming a midwife and she suggested hypnotism might complement that career."   She added, "While I was pursuing hypnosis, and even after I got trained, I wanted to make sure the process aligned with my faith. I spoke with a trusted priest who assured me; no one loses their free will when they don't want to. At this point my intention is to help people become the person God intended them to be."

Hypnosis for health

Simon's Hypnosis for Health service includes: smoking cessation, weight management, stress relief, confidence building and sleep improvement. She commented, "I have been practicing for about a year. In the past few months I have been more serious about intentionally building a business."

She stressed, "It is important to be an active listener. During the intake process I find out what the person wants to change and why."

She reassured, "It is not possible to address issues you subconsciously do not want to address. You will not be coerced into divulging things about yourself you are not comfortable with. It is possible to guide a person through the process without a person talking about the actual problem or situation."

Simon is accepting appointments on Tuesday mornings from 9 a.m. - 12 noon, and Friday afternoons from 12:30 - 3:30 p.m. Her consultation space is located at Divine Current Massage, 508 South River Park Drive in Guttenberg. 

“I will meet clients at Divine Current Massage, or in a person’s home, wherever they are most comfortable,” she said.  

Simon will be presenting “Self Hypnosis for Stress Reduction” at the Guttenberg Chiropractic “Ladies Night Out,” scheduled for Feb. 7. 

For additional information, or to schedule a complimentary intake, contact Katey at 563-219-4129, by e-mail at or find her on Facebook at Hypnosis for Health. 

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