Class of 2030 - What kindergartners want to learn

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By Pam Reinig

Register Editor

Meet the Class of 2030.


These 21 lively and inquisitive youngsters started their academic journeys on August 23 as kindergartners. Their adventure ends in 12 years with their high school graduations.

Now that they’ve had a few days to settle in, we thought it would be fun to gather their initial impressions of school. “What’s been the most fun so far?” we asked. Many said they liked centers—areas for smaller groups of students focused on the same activity like games or painting. We also asked them what they’d most like to learn this year. Some of the kids were vocal; many were shy and gave very short answers after some prodding.

We’re grateful to Central kindergartern teacher, Andrea Zittergruen, for both embracing and allowing this opportunity.

We plan to visit again with this group annually at the start of each school year. It should be fun to watch their perceptions and expectations mature as they grow.

Paisley Armstrong

“I like doing centers and walking to school with my sisters. I want to learn how to read books so I can read stories to my mom and dad.”

Samuel Belser

“I like learning.  I want to learn letters and words.”

Ty Berns

“I like recess. We get to play kickball and mostly my team wins. I want to learn how to read.”

Grant Burns

“I like playing iPads, Curious George and ST math (an iPad application). I want to learn more math.”

Gavin Dettbarn

“I get to play a lot with my new friends, and that’s a lot of fun. I like the train set. “I want to learn how to be an artist. I’m not going to be one when I grow up. I’m going to be a cop. Actually I don’t need to learn about being an artist because I’m already one. I do stuff that’s really, really cool.”

Teagon Dettman

“I like the centers and I like coloring. My favorite color is purple. I want to learn how to read.”

Leo Frazier

“I like playing outside and playing with Legos. I want to learn about making potions, reading and running.”

Oscar Garza

“My favorite part is computer games, math games and naptime. I want to learn everything.”

Brylie Glawe

“I like going outside and playing on the swings with Teagon. We swing really, really high. I want to learn how to read. I like the book about the blue cat. I already know some of the words but I want to know all of them.”

Bentley Hallock

“I like to paint. My favorite colors are yellow and red. I want to know how to read.”

Donna Harding

“I like playing on iPads and doing math games. I want to learn new things.”

Kayla Hunt

“I like putting tickets in the garbage can. I want to learn how to do math on the iPad.” (Editor’s note: The students can earn tickets for positive behavior throughout the day. They write their name on the back of the tickets and drop them into a ticket bucket that looks like a garbage can. At a monthly assembly, a name gets drawn from each classroom to do something special to celebrate with the winners from other classrooms.)

Evan Keel

“I like recess and the iPads.”

Iris Kobliska

“I liked the first day because I got to go to the big school. I want to learn how to read so I can read books to my family. I like stories about hippos.”

Nolan Lembke

“I liked writing about caterpillars and how they changed. I want to learn to write and spell words.”

Kiya Moser-Weber

“I like recess. I like playing on the swings. I think recess could be longer. I want to learn how to put the ABCs together to make words.”

Greta Scherf

“I like going outside. I want to learn how to read books. I can read two already!”

Arthur Thiese

“I like going outside and playing on the playground. I want to go on field trips.”

Blake Trenkamp

“I like going outside for recess with my friend, Leo. First we find our other friend, Owen, and then we run from Oscar and have fun. I want to learn about holding hands the right way for crayons. I don’t hold them the right way yet but I’m going to learn about that.”

Lucas Walz

“I like recess. I like playing cops and robbers with George. I want learn math because I think it’s fun.

Cade Zittergruen

“I like coloring papers. Green is my favorite color. I like being in my mom’s class. I want to learn about tractors. I want to learn how to do math and reading.”

Register staffer Dana Richard contributed to this article.

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